Cost of Search SEO Report – Appleton, WI – Chiropractor & Dentist Local keywords price & SEO search volume report

So to give you an idea of what to expect. Uh, chose Appleton Wisconsin, a city I live near. 76,000 population. I searched chiropractor. And I actually pulled out the best keywords. For local search.

And. Total search volume of 4,900. Chiropractic near me. Chiropractic near to me, chiropractor chiropractic So these equal 4,900 now. If you were to get in the top three. In Google. In all these search terms. Let’s see, you would have.

The average customer conversion rate for medical. I found on the website, said 9.6. And the average cost per click was 8.81. So in the first three positions. Averages out to 1,806 clicks.

You’d get, if you average the top three positions. At 8.81 per click, that would be $15,912 of click value.

Per month.

And that would bring you. 188. Paying customers.

Now that’s just for the first three and your Google, my business position in the maps.

Now you can also get your website to the top three positions here.

In here. And that average is about. It looks like maybe what 70 think. So there’s another 70. Customers.

And thousands of dollars worth of clicks.

Let’s try another profession in Appleton. Let’s try.


Well, 8,090.

No, that is a lot of dental customers. I think most dental offices would probably.

Turn people away.

The SEO convo continues…

Yeah, 311 new customers.

Plus, you know, for getting this out through of search, it looks like, yeah.

Maybe average out to a hundred.

It’s about 411 customers.

And a whole wall. Let’s see the click through rate.

Hey, wait a minute here. It seems a little low.

It must be a lot of long tail key terms in the search.

Hm. I would bet that the top 14 keywords probably.

Let’s choose some of the best.

Key terms.

I’ll leave that out. Um,

That’s a M.

Actual company, but I mean, It doesn’t hurt to advertise to their customers too. Right?

Let’s see here.

Did the keyword basket. Now we’ll check.


And if I double click any, they will. Um,

Make sure to.

Get rid of them.

And they won’t count them twice. So.


No, this is looking like it makes a little more sense with the cost per click being around nine. Um, I know we’ve got 21. Good keywords now. 67.

Oh eight.

Nine. So somewhere between nine and seven cost per click. So. Let’s get it up here and find out what plus maybe a little six, $7,000 more. It’s like $27,000. Uh, Free click value every month. In Appleton, Wisconsin.

That’s just your standard city of 79,000 people. So just for an illustration. So if your city is more, who’s going to be more. It’s less. It’ll be less, but. The proportions. I stay fairly close. Just to give you a good idea of what you’re looking at here.

When we get you to the top in Google and you’re getting. Thousands of clicks and hundreds of new customers. If we even get you just a quarter of these clicks, I mean you do in pretty good. How’d you like to have an extra.

But between that and that an extra thing, I don’t know. 150 new customers a month, a hundred.

How much would you make? You do the math.

But if you contact me. I can advertise for you and sell you customers too.

And you only pay for customers. That come into your place.

After they’ve been to your place and you’ve collected the money from.

So you pay me with the money he collected from the people I brought you.

I also have a guaranteed product to get you to the top three positions in Google. Or your money back For 24 98 a month.

And I have an amazing plan to dominate your social media accounts. Probably the most innovative social media marketing solution. Ever invented. I can raise your likes from. Several per week. To several per day.

We’re looking at a, probably a 10 fold increase in likes and social media.

Feel free to go to virtual clouds. Dot info.

And check out any of our offers.

Thank you.

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